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Indiana University Bloomington

Student Organization Accounts (SOA) provides fiscal oversight and banking/bookkeeping services to student organizations as recognized through the Student Life & Learning (formerly Student Activities) and the Residential Program and Services Offices. Additionally, the department works to provide customer service assistance to the organizations, various administrative offices and local merchants.


ATTN: SOA Cards Expire June 30, 2018
The current SOA cards expire as of June 30th, 2018. SOA will not be issuing any new cards after this date. Therefore, student organizations will no longer be able to present their purchase cards for credit purchases to later be billed to the Student Organization Accounts office. Student groups will need to pay for their purchases upfront and then request a reimbursement from SOA or request an advance check from SOA and then return your receipts and/or any unused funds to clear the check.

We have asked all vendors to stop accepting IU SOA Cards after June 30, 2018. We cannot guarantee payment of their invoices from our office if they are charged to the Student Organizations account after this date.

If you have questions concerning this change, feel free to contact our office by telephone (812-855-8517), by fax (812-855-2337) or by email

To read about the best practices for record keeping, click on the Reference tab or the above link.
To read about the best practices for handling cash, click on the Reference tab or the above link.
To find out how to set up an outside Business Account or if you are selling merchandise, click on the Reference tab or the above link.
PLEASE NOTE - No New Student Organization Accounts
As part of the implementation of Student Organization Policy STU-01 we will be making significant changes over the next 1 ½ years. Student Organizations will be considered and/or administered in one of three ways: University Student Organizations (USO), Self-Governed Student Organizations (SGSO) or Non-registered student organizations.

USO’s will be treated as operating units of Indiana University. SGSO’s will be considered an independent entity or independent association of individual students.

In light of these changes we are not establishing any new accounts for student organizations at this time. An organization can form and become registered but will need to establish their own financial account. The organization may still receive funding through departmental or funding board support though the SOA office.
All individuals who perform services for an SOA ORGANIZATION will be paid as a vendor and will need to submit a W-9. It is possible that you will receive an IRS 1099 at the end of the year from our office.
SOA Office Hours
SOA door will be open to the public 12 noon to 4PM.