DSC_0558-1The IU Food Project welcomed Alice Waters, the world-renowned chef, author and food activist, to the IU Campus early April.

In addition to inaugurating Food Project – the idea for the Project derives from a 2012 conversation with Alice in Rome – Waters introduced Marcel Pagnol’s 1938 film “The P1010371Baker’s Wife” at the IU Cinema, and gave a public lecture, “Teaching Slow Food Values in a Fast Food Culture”. She also enjoyed visits to the Saturday farmers market, Muddy Fork Bakery, Mother Hubbards Cupboard and Templeton Elementary. During Alice Waters’ visit the proceedings of an IU campus farm were confirmed! Updates are soon to come.

Check out more on Alice’s visit here.


Who we are

The IU Food Project seeks to raise awareness among the undergraduate population regarding the pressing environmental, social, economic and cultural issues related to food and food systems. It will pursue that aim along several principal avenues.


What we do

We develop undergraduate food curriculum at Indiana University Bloomington and in particular the Undergraduate Certificate in Food Studies.

We coordinate student and community groups that address food issues including hunger, just treatment of food workers, animal welfare, environmental impact of agricultural practices, nutrition and health.

We promote outreach to food organizations in the Bloomington area.

We program films, meals, and other events where food issues can be discussed and strategies developed.

We promote the “edible campus” and establishing/supporting vegetable gardens and fruit trees.