Connor Watkins

After graduating from Fishers High School in 2014 I decided to wait until advancing to university in order to further my ConnorWatkinstraining as an artist. I discovered an interest in gems and minerals which had led to me take courses through the Gemological Institute of America. After completing programs on both colored stones and diamonds, I became completely enveloped in the nature of minerals & science of crystal chemistry. Realizing that I was more attracted to the science than the sales pushed me to take my education to the highest level and undertake a BS in Geology.

I began attendance at IUPUI in fall of 2017 and quickly became attracted to the field of energy geology and the petroleum industry. By spring I took on a minor in geochemistry and was selected into the 2018 MURI summer research project which involved geochemical analysis of lake cores to map hydroclimate variability in the Midwest extending back to the Holocene. The experience gave me a vital foundation in conducting laboratory research as well as in concepts of sedimentology/stratigraphy, geo-climate and paleontology. I was introduced to the Antarctic research group in fall of 2018 as an aide/lab assistant to Dr. Licht and the team. My objectives are to help propel the research of my colleagues and gain invaluable training on sediment/chemical analysis through SEM and XRF techniques.