Antarctic Research at IUPUI

Antarctica is an amazing, dynamic continent which plays a key role in Earth’s climate system.  Scientists have made incredible progress understanding the history and nature of this icy continent since the earliest explorers began scientific studies in the early 1900’s.  Our research group is interested in uncovering the history of the massive ice sheets that cover the continent, the natural processes in action, and the rocks that are hidden under the ice.  Please explore this site to find information about our research and what its like to work and live (temporarily) in Antarctica.  Our research efforts are part of the U.S. Antarctic Program and funding is from the National Science Foundation.

2 antarcticas

The image on the left shows the 98% ice covered continent and on the right you can see the topography under the ice (compiled by the British Antarctic Survey).  The red colors are high elevations, highlighting the mountain ranges, and the blue areas are areas below sea level.

Check out these webcams showing current conditions at the US stations in Antarctica*

McMurdo Station

South Pole Station

Palmer Station

*Images refresh every 30 seconds. They may be obscured due to unpredictable and harsh weather conditions.