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Asia Pacific Week

IU Students Attend Asia Pacific Week

IU students Brooke Treadwell, Mateus Yumarnamto, Matthew Chambers, Jing Tong, and Nathaniel Kenninger at Asia Pacific Week 2011 at the Australian National University, Canberra, Australia.

Asia Pacific Week

ANU’s Asia Pacific Week brings leading experts on the Asia Pacific region together with 100 of the world’s top students to engage in a series of dynamic discussions and events focused on developments and trends in what has been called the focus region of the 21st Century.

From lectures by ANU faculty largely regarded as among the world’s leading experts on Asia and the Pacific to exercises and panel discussions that enable participants to gain a greater understanding of the realities of policy making in an imperfect world, Asia Pacific Week delegates have the opportunity to learn from and interact with a broad cross-section of academics, Australian political leaders, and journalists.  Interested students have the opportunity to present their research on related panels during the week although such is by no means required to attend as a delegate.

Past Asia Pacific Week Participants


  • Kurt Baer, Ethnomusicology
  • Haley Clements, Environmental Management
  • Amanda Gilbride, Chinese and Linguistics


  • Kai-Chih Chang, Law
  • Adeel Chaudhry, Medicine
  • Daniel Lundberg, Environmental Management
  • Morgan Peele, Sociology
  • Shijing Zhang, Anthropology


  • Brian Cwiek, History and Central Eurasian Studies
  • Kristin Froehle, Economic Consulting and Public Policy Analysis
  • Teresa Nichols, Anthropology
  • Jeremy Wainscott, Arts Management


  • Joshua Barnett, Communication and Culture
  • Katie Beasley, Public Management and Political Science
  • Michael Evans, Chinese
  • Nathan Montgomery, Central Eurasian Studies


  • Erica Bramlet, Environmental Science
  • Yajing Chen, Educational Policy Studies
  • Trang Pham, Public Affairs
  • Anthony Ross, Korean Studies
  • Shuang Zhao, Public Affairs & Political Science


  • Matthew Chambers, Law
  • Nathaniel Kenninger, Business
  • Jing Tong, Public Affairs
  • Mateus Yumarnamto, Second Language Studies


  • Xin Fan, History
  • Timothy Rich, Political Science
  • Yimin Wang, Educational Policy Studies
  • Piin-Shiuan Wu, Ethnomusicology