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Pan Asian Studies « Pan Asia Institute
Indiana University Bloomington
Pan Asian Studies

The ANU-IU Pan Asia Institute

Both ANU and IU boast long traditions in the study of the pan-Asian region from numerous academic perspectives: law, religion, language, culture, political science, public policy, and more.

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific

The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific houses a remarkable assembly of scholars and resources devoted to the study of Australia’s neighborhood from Afghanistan to the Pacific. Dedicated to outstanding research and education, the College is a center for Australia’s intellectual engagement and scholarly dialogue with the societies, worlds of thought, economies, and cultures of Asia and the Pacific. Members of the College conduct research in areas ranging from public policy, climate change, linguistics, and archaeology to defense studies and international relations.

ANU Asian Studies Programs

IU: A Rich Tradition of Area Studies

Long known for its area studies expertise, IU has more than 10 departments, programs, and centers – including three Title VI National Resource Centers and one Title VI National Foreign Language Resource Center – that are directly focused on the study of the pan-Asian region. Such area specialization is further supported through research conducted by numerous scholars across IU’s varied academic and professional disciplines. From intensive summer language institutes for languages of the Central Eurasian region and a variety academic programs focused on Asia to study abroad opportunities across the region, IU offers a myriad of ways to study the pan-Asian region.

IU Asian Studies Programs

Area Studies Centers and Programs

Foreign Language Programs

Research Centers and Institutes